In KeyNorms

Our clients and their needs find themselves always at the center of our attention. Thus, our development and implementation strategies are properly adjusted to fit for each occasion. Instead of providing standardized solutions, we pursue to establish a solid relationship with each of our clients from the very beginning of our cooperation, which aims at understanding their needs and wishes in the best way possible.

KeyNorms covers the needs of modern companies and professionals by offering a wide range of services concerning distance learning, e-collaboration, data processing, web applications development as well as “smart” business solutions based on information technology. Our executives’ rich experience combined with their passion for continuous improvement and innovation guarantee that KeyNorms will find the ideal approach to any problem according to the client’s needs.


KeyNorms S.A is a company founded in 2013 that made an impressive entry in the field of Information Technology services. It offers a wide range of services concerning distance learning, e-collaboration, data processing, web applications development as well as “smart” business solutions to organizational, technical or functional problems based on information technology.

KeyNorms has the expertise, the infrastructure, the know-how and a high-caliber team in order to achieve the best possible result. Our people combine knowledge and expertise form many different scientific fields, while their skills have been tested during highly complicated and demanding projects. Based on a mixture of experience and enthusiasm KeyNorms provides an exceptional work environment, where innovative thinking and initiatives are considered “sine qua non” ingredients for success.

Our Principles

KeyNorms has been structured and functioning based on the following principles

From the very first stage of approaching our potential clients until the beginning of our collaboration and even beyond its completion, we have the utmost respect for those who choose our services and we consider them as partners in the development of this exciting field of services. This close relationship has multiple benefits for our clients and of course our company, such as the valuable feedback that keeps us constantly informed about the needs of the market.

In an era of global technological advances and rapid changes, speed is very often the main challenge in providing services. In Keynorms, however, we never neglect quality, thus we pursue the best possible result in the given period of time.

We invest in innovative products, services and projects in order to establish a culture of pioneering initiatives within our company. We promote interdisciplinary collaboration among our people, we encourage intelligent risk taking and we provide a work environment filled with passion and enthusiasm for what we do.

For all of us here at Keynorms simplicity is a qualitative differentiation. Various researches have indicated that simplicity is a key factor in determining how friendly the result is for the users. Although a simple solution can be in most cases highly specific and effective, KeyNorms is able to adopt more complex and sophisticated approaches if required by the clients’ needs.

And therefore it should be accessible to everyone. In Keynoms we constantly seek ways to use our technical means and expertise in order to provide fast and easy access to knowledge for as many less privileged people as possible.