Web Applications Development

It is relatively hard to find companies or professionals that remained unaffected by the new horizons and perspectives that open widely due to the increasing use of internet. Reasons of financial, marketing and technical nature have already led more and more businesses into establishing their digital presence over the internet in many ways. The rapid rise of social media, the increasing competition for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the qualitative improvement of the provided web-based services create a fast-paced changing environment, leading many to redefine the status of their online presence and activities.

What KeyNorms Does!

KeyNorms has the ability to design and develop web-based applications, which can support anything from a simple website providing information to complex portals with online transactions. After carefully studying and discussing the client’s needs and goals, our project manager will undertake the development of the application.

Web-based applications development is carried out with the use of the latest technological tools (Flash,HTML5 / CSS3, Java, PHP, Javascript etc.) and can be enriched with add-on modules that support automated syndications mechanisms, connection to dynamic information resources, flexible search, e-payment systems and more. Every step of the development process takes place in consultation with the client and is based on modern internet marketing techniques and effective information structure models that enhance the users’ experience (UX design).


KeyCenter is a service provided by KeyNorms in order to support learning and collaboration processes that take place in non-real time (asynchronous). Based on our own platform that serves as a certified Learning Management System with additional capabilities of creating and managing learning content (LMS – LCMS), KeyCenter is used to organize and coordinate all the functions that concern asynchronous e-learning and e-collaboration.

KeyCenter offers a wide variety of tools and means that can take distance learning events to the next level. The user can easily create courses, questionnaires and tests with the use of templates and establish public and private communication channels with the learners. KeyCenter guarantees the unhindered function of the learning process through various methods (encryption, camera identification, alternative educational routes, etc) and provides valuable tools to both trainers and trainees.

KeyCenter can be accessed through any of the most popular browsers, while it is available in Greek, English and can be expanded in more languages. Its key functions, which make it a valuable tool for any user, are:

  • Secure user registration and management (passwords, permissions, etc.)
  • Management and support of learning process (process overview, learners’ observation, distribution of educational material, etc.)
  • Development and management of education content with the use of KeyContent
  • Assessment of learners’ performance, calculation of statistics and issue of reports with the use of KeyCertify
  • Connection to Outlook Calendar


Undoubtedly every learning process has its very own meaning and essence, as it enriches the knowledge base of the learner and opens new horizons.  Nonetheless, it is very common for learning processes to conclude with examinations in order to ascertain whether the learners have comprehended what they were taught and potentiallybe evaluated or certifiedbased on these results.

KeyValuation is a service provided by Keynorms that allows users to carry out precise electronic evaluation and certification processes. Our service is accessible through the Internet in non-real time (synchronous & asynchronous) and is offered within a uniquely simple, functional and easy to use environment. There are multiple benefits both on the side of the examiner and the examinee, such as:

  • Easy access and user-friendly environment
  • Wide variety of question types (multiple choice, yes/no, free text, image selection, etc.)
  • Unlimited number of questions, which can appear in a predefined or random order
  • Pre-set time and date of accessing the questionnaire
  • Assessment canbe paused/continued or even repeated with history tracking
  • Use of questions repositories for automatic creation of questionnaires
  • Connection with Outlook Calendar


Having executives with rich experience and academic expertise, KeyNorms is able to offer integrated services of educational software development, adjusted specifically to the client’s needs. For KeyNorms educational software is more than just means of making knowledge and information available. KeyContent provides comparative pedagogical and technical advantages to the learning process and can therefore become an integral part of the trainee’s everyday life.

The trainee can control the tempo of his learning process, while the trainer has the ability to constantly assess his progress. KeyContent applies systematic procedures in order to accurately embody the educational principles into the educational software. We take advantage of every available technological means (multimedia, presentations, simulations, etc.) aiming at the maximum educational result always in accordance to the international standards and specifications.

KeyContent offers incomparable advantages, as it can:

  • Adapt to the needs and the tempo of the trainee, while it also offers all the necessary tools (glossary, print, search, etc.)
  • Stimulate the trainee’s interest with the use of texts, images, sounds, links, multimedia and any other available means.
  • Transform even the most complicated subject into comprehensible learning units in order to facilitate the achieving of the educational objectives.
  • Offer a wide variety of assessment processes with the use of KeyValuate
  • Be supported by any Learning Management System (LMS), while it also be stored and modified for possible use in the future.
  • Concern any educational objective, from computer skills to e-government applications and anything else our clients might suggest.


KeyLive is a service offered by KeyNorms in order to cover your continuous needs for interaction that is not affected by physical presence. KeyLive can replace traditional class, seminar and meeting rooms by offering real-time web based services of your preference. Regardless of the purpose of its use (e-meeting, webinar, courses, etc.), users have the opportunity to collaborate and participate simultaneously in a virtual room with limitless functional capabilities, while being at their office, home or any other place across the globe.

Why choose KeyLive?

KeyLive offers a highly effective and sophisticated environment with user-friendly tools that make even the most inexperienced user feel comfortable. It is easy to access, even easier to learn how it works and there is no software installation needed. The benefits of KeyLive are:

  • Limited requirements concerning software/hardware/internet connection
  • Unlimited functional capabilities (video/audio conferencing, chat, evaluation, whiteboard, etc.)
  • Multiple ways to access (iPhone, iPad)
  • Supports English, Greek and 13 other languages
  • Easy to record, store, review and playback material at any time
  • Decrease of transportation/residence cost compared to traditional training and collaboration methods

Decrease of work absent time Increase of productivity.


KeyMeet is a synchronous, web-based communication& collaboration service offered by KeyNorms. It is KeyNorms’ suggestion for intra-business communication and collaboration, which copes successfully with the challenges of modern business environments.

Due to its simplicity, user-friendliness and rich functionality, KeyMeet can attract inexperienced users but also satisfy the most demanding ones. KeyMeet exceeds time and place, providing the user with the possibility to access it via any place in the world with an internet connection. Thus a participant can have the feeling of being in the same room with his colleagues, even when he actually is on a different continent.

KeyMeet offers quick, easy and secure communication and collaboration among the participants, who are able to:

  • Communicate with each other in various ways (chat, call, video call, etc)
  • Share applications from their personal computer

Make presentations using every available tool (multimedia, charts, etc)


KeyPass is an integrated system of training and business collaboration offered by KeyNorms. It is the ideal service for those who seek solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies in order to successfully complete or substitute their traditional and conventional training and collaboration methods. KeyPass is the perfect combination of all KeyServices and it should be considered as an investment that will pay off in short term, cover all your professional needs and open new horizons for your business.

KeyPass is an integrated solution and by that we mean that it can cover all your need for:

  • Training and communication in real time with the use of KeyLive
  • Training in non-real time and 24/7 access to training material and information with the use of KeyCenter
  • Multiple ways of communication and collaboration with the use of KeyMeet
  • Complete assessment and certification system with the use of KeyCertify
  • Development of suitable educational content with the use of KeyContent

KeyPass is directed business and organizations independently of their size and provides them a competitive advantage in human resources training, individualized learning and inter and intra business communication and collaboration. KeyNorms offers solutions that are cost and time effective, overcome space and time hindrances and increase productivity, while its executives offer their immediate expert support.